Tent on the Square

The Crooked Hook

What is art? Why did Leanne's father never hug her?

Thu , Fri , Sat
Age 15+ 50 mins
Chest Pains Productions

A topless Englishman talking with humour about open heart surgery.

Thu , Fri , Sat
Age 14+ 50 mins
Eddie Summers

Explosive Eddie's looking for one lucky new flat mate...

Fri , Sat , Sun
Age 16+ 50 mins
NOS Three

Two clowns cultivating friendship. But realising it's not an easy job.

Fri , Sat , Sun
Age 5-12 60 mins

Seska is one of the craziest funniest comedy magicians in the UK.

Fri , Sat , Sun
Age 3+ 50 mins
Thom Peterson

A one-man flash mob of magic and comedy.

Thu , Sat , Sun
Age 14+ 45 mins
The Fabulous Old Spot Theatre Company

What it says on the tin!

Thu , Sat , Sun
Age 9 - 90 60 mins