Castle Centre

James Elston

A young designer takes on the biggest job of his career. At a cost.

Fri , Sat , Sun
(content) Age 14+ 45 mins
Up Close Theatre

The classic story by Jules Verne - presented as a radio production!

Thu , Sat , Sun
Age 11+ 60 mins
Robert Garnham

Rumours of a Neon Yak stalking circus performers in a train.

Fri , Sat , Sun
Age 16+ 50 mins
Paul Richards

Three beautifully comedic plays in one hour.

Fri , Sat , Sun
Age 12+ 60 mins

Imagine discovering the world you thought you knew didn't exist.

Fri , Sat , Sun
Age 14+ 50 mins
Spaniel in the Works Theatre Company

Story of a family during WW1

Thu , Fri , Sat
Age 11+ 50 mins