T.S. Idiot & His Orchestral Testicles

We Are Uncollective


30 mins

Golden Lion Tap

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T.S. Idiot & His Orchestral Testicles

T.S. Idiot brings his sophomore show to the nation.

The young punk poet puts a collection of his spoken word pieces to classical music, provided by his papier mache backing band The Orchestral Testicles.

Expect silliness, sexiness and some sincerity from a performer described by his local council as ‘in very poor taste’.

The 30 minute show features such hits as ‘If Jeremy Clarkson Was My Boyfriend’ and the highly emotional ‘Ode To An Estate Agent’.

Fresh from a year supporting punk legend Attila The Stockbroker (among other achievements), T.S. Idiot will delight and disgust in equal measure.