The Numbers Station

White Hippos Productions


60 mins

The Numbers Station

Welcome to The Numbers Station, the most secret of TOP SECRET, secrets.

It is a difficult time to be a spy. The future is uncertain and modern technology means that a Nation's secrets can be uncovered and shared in an instant.

To combat this, Britain has gone backwards: radio waves, code books and writing things down by hand are now the processes to keep Britain safe.

Late one night, as the codes come in, a lone radio operative stumbles upon the conspiracy to end all conspiracies.

Or it might just be a clerical error.

White Hippos Productions return to the North Devon Fringe Theatrefest for an incredible 12th year in a row with a brand new show, one that takes a look at the not too distant future and what you will never know about it.

infrequent strong language

In 2011 The White Hippos appeared at the Fringe Theatrefest with The Brown Parachute, a darkly comic look at how our financial institutions had deliberately gambled with a global recession for their own gain. This year they return with a spiritual sequel that looks at the current challenges that Britain faces and how we might seek to overcome them.

Mark Ashmore is one of the founding members of the White Hippos Theatre Company who now have 15 original pieces of theatre to their name.

He is also a member of The Monday Collective and has performed at 9 Fringe Theatrefests.