Swan Song - not fade away

Plain Quakers Theatre


60 mins

St Anne's Arts Centre

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Swan Song - not fade away

Based in West Yorkshire, this is Plain Quakers Theatre's fourth visit to Barnstaple. We are looking forward to sharing our play, Swan Song -not fade away, with audiences at St Anne’s Arts Centre.

Swan Song is an updated version of Anton Chekhov’s short tragi-comedy of the same name.

  • Who is Frank Dudley, veteran actor? A self-proclaimed national treasure, or an ageing bit-part player with an impossible dream?

  • Is Kenneth his stooge or his saviour? Laurel to Frank’s Hardy? Or Edgar to his Lear?

  • Frank’s fantasies cannot suppress the realities of a lonely old age, as he endures a life of self-deception and loneliness in a play tinged with wry comedy.

The curse of loneliness: according to Age UK half a million people over the age of sixty usually spend each day in complete solitude. Loneliness affects people of all ages, from all backgrounds, especially older people who have outlived their friends and immediate family.

Plain Quakers Theatre aims to explore Quaker concerns through the use of simple story-telling techniques and minimal resources. We offer thought-provoking and entertaining theatre with humour and a light touch.

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